We help factories meet production volume and quality

Synapse collects your machine's data to create a real-time view of your production status, generate alerts, and power your systems with reliable information.

Solving one of these?

Se how Synapse can help you solved these common manufacturing concerns

Low shopfloor visibility

Slow response time

Inaccurate data across your digital systems

How it works

Synapse is an all-in-one industrial IoT solution that covers hardware, software, support and installation in the same place.

Synapse connects to your machines through our Relay, a plug and play device that reads data from your PLC or aftermarket sensors.

Your production data is sent to your Synapse server (on-premise or cloud) through WiFi or cellular network.

Get your data anytime and anywhere through the Synapse app or use our API for any custom integrations.

Important numbers

70,000 +

Hours of recorded machine behavior.

4.5 million

Finished parts tracked with Synapse.

3,500 +

Production orders monitored in real time.

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